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Welcome to Surabaya, Indonesia!

Da Rifi Hostel Located between two world class tourist destinations, Yogyakarta and Bali, Surabaya offers diverse opportunities for tourists and business alike. As one of Indonesia's leading capital, Surabaya is keenly aware of need to promote herself into cosmopolitan city.
Surabaya is a part of East Java, a rich province in tropical beautiful sights and cultural heritage is easily fitted to your journey from either Jogjakarta to Bali. As natural lovers would expect, an agro tourism, the smoking volcano Mt. Bromo and the "G" land surfer paradise are the East Java's breathtaking tourist attractions should not be missed. For most visitors East Java is all about rugged appeal of its volcano-studded scenery and awesome landscapes. Nowhere is more synonymous with this than the sublime Bromo _Tengger massif, incorporating the volcanic peaks of Gunung Bromo (2392m) and Gunung Semeru (3676m) - Java's highest mountain. Many more places to go, such as Ijen Plateu, Madura island, Malang, Batu, Trowulan as old capital of the largest Hindu empire in Indonesian history. No doubt you have plenty of places to go.
We are pleased to introduce you Da Rifi hostel and we do hope you would like to visit Surabaya and stay with us....No hesitate to tell what's your travel plan, we'd be glad to share with you...and please don't hesitate to say what you want or you don't want to make us understand.....we listen to you...:)
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Da Rifi Hostel
Jl. Duku II /190, Pondok Candra Indah, Surabaya 60
Surabaya, Indonesia
Tel: +62 8133 474 3870
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