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Q. Where is the hostel located?
A. Da Rifi is nearby Surabaya airport. There is toll road which you can reach Da Rifi within 5 minutes. Highway ticket is Rp.5,500 and it is your responsible when you take taxi. But if you are not in a hurry, just pass ordinary road within 10 minutes if traffic is not busy. Ok, then you absolutely reach Da Rifi within 15 minutes with busy traffic by taxi.
We are located in housing complex named Pondok Tjandra Indah. This housing is very huge, so the drivers can get lost if they don't know exactly where Da Rifi is. Actually Da Rifi lies nearby main road to the airport, not in the middle of housing which may be confusing. Just find Dunkin' Donut, or gasoline pump ("pom bensin" in Indonesian language), or Menara futsal and badminton hall, that's the road to go to Da Rifi.
If you are willing to get adventure trip, take airport shuttle bus for Rp.15,000, and ask to stop at traffic light which minibus H4 is there. Get down at Dunkin Donut just for Rp.3,000. Then you walk 200 meters to find Da Rifi. Or you may take "becak"(a man with bicycle) for Rp.5,000. Tell him you want to go to Jl. Duku II CA 190.
Hi! want an airport pick-up? We provide airport pick-up by motorcycle for only Rp.25,000. Or car pick up for Rp.60,000. Make reservation and email us for this purpose, ok...

Q. What is included in the price for a night?
A. One night stay is Rp.75,000/person. This is included free breakfast, free hot and cold drinking water al times, hot/cold shower, bed linen, laundry, towel, internet through wifi ....and what else you need? Tell us what you need we can provide, we would like to serve you as well. There are 3 air conditioned rooms, but you have to pay more. It is Rp. 100,000/person/night.

Q. Are there parking facilities available?
A. Yes, we provide parking area in front of hostel.

Q. What are check-in and checkout times?
A. So far, we don't apply check-in and check out. If you stay over night, then we charge you. As there is no new customer come, feel free to stay at your room till the time you leave.

Q. Is there a lock-out?
A. We provide lockers for your safety, but we don't provide keys at rooms. We provide place to put your bags when you don't stay with us but you would stay again later.

Q. What methods of payment are accepted?
A. We accept Indonesian Rupiah cash as well as credit cards of Visa or Mastercard.

Q. Is there a curfew?
A. no, feel free!

Q. How to go to some needed or interesting places?
A. There are small shops surrounding if you just want to buy cigarettes, but there is a Superindo supermarket nearby the hostel. Just walk to main street and you turn to the left, it is Superindo within 20 meters walk.
Another is Giant superstore, it is quiet a big store, with everything available there. But you have to walk about 10 minutes towards right direction from main street. There are many places to have meals. Big restaurants is WA, opposite gasoline pump (pom bensin). Another small is Ananta Boga, but it closes at Sunday. There is A&W restaurant at Giant superstoreor KFC is next to Giant. Many foodstalls in the afternoon till night time, like sate ayam ( chicken bbq), fried rice, chicken, duck, sea food, etc. Some restaurants are delivery service.
Going to the malls with taxi? Just ask us to call taxi operate 24h.

Q. 9. How to go to Bromo by public transportation?
A. We advice you to start going at morning time, because minibus Probolinggo - Cemorolawang stops at 5 pm. Take minibus HQ gping to bus treminal Bungurasih/Purabaya from mainstreet. It costs IDR.3,000 per person. Then take bus intercity Surabaya - Probolinggo fo IDR.15,000 or IDR.25,000 with AC. Arrived Probolinggo 3 hours later, take minibus Probolinggo-Cemorolawang for IDR.25,000, bargain till IDR 20,000. If you have big bag, try to find hostel, but cheap hostel is usually far from Cemorolawang, say Yoshi hostel, it costs cheaper tahn Lava Lodge but you have to walk more. If you concern on budget, knock the door of local house, ask if they have one room for you. It costs IDR.50,000-60,000 to put your bag during your hiking. Then you have 3 alternatives : walking, by jeep, or by motorbike. Walking is free, of course, and you may reach first view for 1,5 hour. Good enough. By jeep, you can reach first view of Pananjakan hill. By jeep, it costs IDR.350,000 per jeep can carry 6 people. Some hostels provide ticket per person, IDR.60,000-100,000 per person. Or you can take motorbike with driver, it costs IDR.100,000.
When you arrive Bromo mountain, there is horse with owner, it costs IDR.50,000, bargain if they ask yiu IDR.150,000. Going back to Probolinggo with same transportation.

Q. 10. How to go to Bromo by rent a car?
A. We provide rent a car to Bromo. It starts at 10 or 11 pm from Da Rifi. It is 3 hours drive if the traffic is not very busy to reach Cemorolawang. See how to choose the alternatives at point 9. The driver will wait you until you finish and drive back to Surabaya next day. Sometimes you will be arrived at 1 or 2 pm next day. It costs IDR.600,000 included driver, gasoline, driver's meal and sleep, parking fees, toll ticket. Make a group to get cheaper price as the price is per car, not per person.

Q. Can I ask to visit waterfall Madakaripura after Bromo?
A. Sure, you may go there, but remember that going to waterfall needs more time. The driver needs more gasoline, and parking there is IDR.20,000. And local people of waterfall will ask you to hire one of them as guide. It costs IDR.100,000, bargain if they ask more. The guide will show you the location and it needs about 1,5 hour to walk inside the little jungle.

Q. How to make a tour Bromo and Ijen by rent a car?
A. Bromo and Ijen tour needs 3 days 2 nights. First night you are at Bromo mountain and another night you take overnight at Ijen. It is because Bromo - Ijen is about 7-8 hours drive .
At Ijen, you can stay at Catimore or Arabica homestay, it is affordable places to sleep.
After Ijen, you will be dropped again at Surabaya. It costs IDR.1,800,000 included driver, gasoline, parking fees, toll ticket, driver's sleep and meal . The car can carry up till 5 people.

Q. Can I stop at Ketapang to continue to Bali?
A. Sure. Tell to driver that after Ijen, you want to be dropped at Ketapang, not Surabaya. You can just take ferry, crossing the strait to reach Gilimanuk for IDR.5,000 by ferry. You will be arrived Gilimanuk within 30 minutes.

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